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for all your models!

Tabletop Systems L.T.D. borns from the idea of its associates to create regulations and board game systems that allow each player to use models already in his possess, giving them new life and a different goal.

Our first project is Mechatop: it’s a turn based strategy tabletop game system very easy to learn: you will be experiencing the thrill of a mecha pilot involved in frantic battles!

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The creation process:

Creating a thrilling and balanced board game is not as simple as it may seems:


The idea comes from the passion for a certain subject, usually related to model making, which provides beautiful models but are limited to the display in the window.


We are committed to designing unique game mechanics that include among other rules specifically designed to recreate the circumstances of the chosen game universe.


From the creation of the characters, to the artworks on the boxes up to the realization of the game mats, the work of one or more talented artists are fundamental.


It takes us a lot of time and care to refine the Stat Cards scoring algorithm more and more and this is because we believe that the balance of the game is the greatest guarantee of replayability.


We consider the playtest essential to refine the algorithm, review rules and fine-tune the details. It’s a process that in our society always remains alive because every new stat cards must undergo a long process of testing before being approved and made official. 


We chose to perform the play test from the beginning with semi-final prototypes so that we could test their quality (and especially the wear resistance of the materials used) also because we are the most demanding players. 

Players Feedback

The most important thing for us is the judgment of the players.

We always try to involve people of different ages and with different gaming experiences.

Tom’s Hardware review


Tabletop Systems is also composed of countless external collaborators: professional playtesters, artists, photographers, lawyers, marketing consultants…

Christian Bruni

Managing Director

Christian works at his dream job, creating and playtesting boardgames.

He believes that the most important things in a game are balance and replayability.
He invests a lot of time and money in refining his mathematical algorithms that are behind the various scores involved in each game.

Francesca Terranova

Customer Satisfaction Manager

“Gaming is a cognitive and evolutionary mechanism that is maintained and perpetuated throughout life and if stimulated ethically and shared physically with other people, it can produce cascading positive social changes, because when people meet, share positive gaming experiences, act together and create magic”.

Max Rush

Production Manager

The man behind the scene: all models you see in pictures have been assembled and painted by him…

Because we never create a stat card before having the relative model in our hands!